Gasworks Blackblast 8/4/17

8 brave men decided to see what the new Q would bring.

LaFluer, Bangkok, Big City, WEaxie, Talent, Meetup, Journey and Mossback (Q)

What it was:

Arm Rotations
Leg Rotations
Side Straddle Hop

Mosie east
Swedish Mile to stairs

Split into two groups of 4

LBC           40/30/20/10
Pushups  20/15/10/5

Mosie West
Swedish mile with last man doing 3 burpees first

Head to small park
split into groups of 2 with 4 stations
first round
decline merkins
explosive step-ups

Second Round
include merkins
planks ups
hop up hill and back

Bodies are feeling the pain

Work our way back with stops at all concrete blocks
various thangs (dips, step ups, decline and incline merkins, step-ups)

Mosie back to Gasworks

9 minutes left.  DORA!
300 Sumos
200 LBC’s
100 WW1
Run to bench and back

Finish at top of hill.

Great words from Big City who just had a kid (congrats) but yet still showed up to get after it.

Afterwards everyone stepped in for  a quick clean up of all the trash left over from some party. Nice example of leaving things in life better then what you find them.

Thanks to everyone for helping me thru my first Q!