Dances With Geese – MOHAI Monday

12 PAX got after it Monday 7/16 @ MOHAI: FNG Dookie, Meetup, Bangkok, SPAM, Big City, Luigi, Scrum, Wooly Bugger, Kojak, Gekko, LaFleur, 529’er (Q)

CoP: SSH, Merkins, Fast cadence LBC

The Thang: Out & backs

  • Partner up in pairs
  • Partner 1 does AMRAP exercise
  • Partner 2 runs out 120M, does 5 exercises, backpedals back
  • Switch
  • Continue until AMRAP exercises reach target number
  • AMRAP exercises: Burpees (100), WWI (200), Merkins (150), Sumo squats (100)
  • 5 out & back exercises: Burpees, inchworm plank-up merkins, inchworm plank-up merkins w/ high jump

MoM: Oblique crunch, Fast cadence LBC


  • 2.0 workout this Saturday the 21st at 0900 at Kirkland middle school. Normal Saturday workouts are on.
  • 8/17 GoRuck Star Course 50 Miler
  • 9/22 Tough Mudder
  • 10/19 Custom GoRuck Tough for F3. Sign up via link:


“Hedonic adaptation” is our natural tendency to take things for granted as we become accustomed to them. One of the best weapons against this is actively practicing gratitude on a daily basis. Pausing to truly connect to your gratitude for even the small things will make an outsized cumulative impact.