It’s our Credo

5 showed up to get better….and did.

PAX: Jar Jar, Spotlight, Hollywood, Dry Dock, Xbox (Q)

Dry Dock, Spotlight, and Hollywood got 4 miles and Jar Jar and I got closer to 3.

WoW: Jar Jar felt bad that I stayed back to walk/run with him. I reminded everyone of our Credo, which is not a rule but an action a man takes in support of another man: #thirdF #fromtheheart.

Check out @F3Nation’s Tweet:

Thank you for the opportunity to lead.

Still an OTB?

5 showed up to boxtrot and got better.

PAX: Schnitzel, Worthington, AP, Dig Dug, Xbox (Q)

2 miles north on the Sammamish River Trail and back. We averaged 9:39 a mile today with mile two being our fastest: 9:26.

We circled up, counted off and did nameorama. FSBO then showed for a post run ruck to hear AP define what a Ball-of-Man is supposed to look like: one man in center with hand up, the rest of the men come in and touch the shoulder of that man or one close to them.

Great to see 5 today. This OTB is near On-the-books with its consistency. Come on out and join us.