AMRAP with Wall-Ball

12, to include a FNG, came out this warm morning and got better.

PAX: Guero, Dial-up, DryDock, Spotlight, Gift box, Bam Bam, Drama, Dilfer, FNG Knockout, Germaine, FSBO, Xbox (Q)

Warmup: grab the wallball and head to the soccer field…ugh, locked…circled up for some IC SSHs, Merkins, Cotton Pickers, Windmills, and Arm circles to include flapjack…and the security guard showed up early to open the gate to the soccer field…woo hoo!!!!

Spotlight helped with some IC today…warm warming up for a VQ. 😎

Thang: Count off by 1s. Every one gets a chance with the wall ball.

Start with 4 corners. Home corner does 15 air wall balls while visitors do AMRAP exercises: lap 1, burpees, lap 2, forward lunges, lap 3, reverse lunges… with 12 PAX, all got a chance with the ball in three laps.

Dilfer gave us a 10 count.

Next we threw the wall ball over our head across the length of the field while the PAX did AMRAP 5 Diamond Merkins, 10 Jillian Michaels, 15 Yellow Hammers. This time #12, YHC, started and Guero, #1, finished. After the PAX got tired of JMs, YHC offered burpees as an alternative. In an effort to encourage PAX, YHC decided about half way through to start doing exercises together…IC.  Yes. IC JMs!!! A first time for most in the PAX.  We were running late, so we decided to plank it out while Guero finished his round of toss the ball.

Countorama, nameorama, name the FNG, announcements and then WoW.

WoW: Bam Bam encouraged us each to go out of our way to encourage someone today. YHC stepped it up and encouraged PAX to encourage 3 people today.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead, men. I look forward to hearing how you encouraged today.