20 men test drive Heritage Park

Q:  Gekko

PAX:  FNG Vibram, Combover, AP, Legal Zoom, Lateral, Hollywood, Singlet, Elroy, Falcon, Putt Putt, Star Lord, Worthington, Magic, Tardy, Grissom, Alexa, Schnitzel, AC/DC, Swinger and Gekko


Circle of Pain:  SSH, merkins into diamond merkins, squats

10/20/30:  box jumps, squats and dips + repeato

Mosey to the tennis courts, and begin a Swedish Mile to Waverly Beach Park.

At the end of Waverly dock partner up.  Player’s choice between full ROM sit ups hanging off the dock OR partner foot throws.  Flapjack roles.

Run to the wood chips/playground and partner up: P1 runs up the stairs and dirt hill and completes a loop while P2 does AMRAP cycles of 20 SSH, 10 sumo squats and 5 diamond merkins.  Flapjack so that each P gets two laps.

Break up into two teams:  Team 1 runs the length of the dock while Team 2 does Balls to the Wall. Flapjack.

Run up the Waverly hill x2.

Begin to mosey back to Heritage Park, and upon arriving at the tennis courts complete a rectangle of walking in a basketball defensive stance.

10 burpees OYO at starting point

Run down the hill + 10 burpees OYO

Run up the hill and arrive near the parking lot + 10 burpees OYO



Color commentary:

*Great to have a solid 20 guys out to test drive Heritage Park as a potential AO for expansion.

*WINDY out of the gates today:  the shovel flag was ripping.

*Magic somehow had things timed out perfectly for full ROM sit ups off of the dock – his head’s lowpoint was the trough of waves!

*Very glad to have Combover out today.  His brother recently passed away from testicular cancer at the age of 31.  Combover, thanks for sharing a little bit about him.  We will be thinking of you and your family.

*Wait…..Vibram’s PR for a marathon is WHAT!?!?!?!??!?!?  This guy will run some serious miles with us….very good to have him out this morning.

*The hill out of Waverly is a burner.  I like the thought of a Jacob’s Ladder there.  #NotReally


*Grissom will organize our crew for Base to Space this year.  This is a very fun event + good way to raise money for charity!

*This Summer will provide many opportunities for leaders from within the PAX to step up!  As an example, if you want to add a 1st F event (Ahem…Magic adds a cycling workout) talk to Ickey.  He is the 1st F (Fitness) Q for F3 Puget Sound.  Talk to Alexa if you want to add a 2nd F (Fellowship) event. Talk to Kojak if you want to add a 3rd F (Faith) event.

*June 22nd-24th:  Worthington Weekend Extravaganza – book hotel now for lots of fun!!!

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